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Capitol Impact’s LegislationTrack system is a single seat Legislative Tracking System that enables users to track, organize, and communicate bills in a customized online environment. Available in all 50 states, LegislationTrack is the best tool lobbyists have to communicate legislative information with their audience.

LegislationTrack enables you to organize the bills you are tracking to make it easier to find the bills of interest to you and your audience. The system enables you to create lists of bills in your system by sorting them into different customizable categories and groups.

Custom Tracking Levels

The top level of organization in LegislationTrack are “Tracking Levels”. Each bill can be assigned to a single tracking level to define its level of importance in the system. From the overview page, you can simple click on the “Hot” tracking level and get a list of all the bills you’ve labeled as “Hot” bills.

The system gives you the ability to create and manage your tracking levels with a simple to use interface. You can have up to 10 custom tracking levels and you can control the title and color of each.

Edit Tracking Levels

Edit Folders

Create Groups and Folders

In addition to tracking levels you can also group bills by placing them into customizable groups and folders. Each bill can be assigned to as many folders as you need, and you can create as many folders as you like. For example, you can create a group of folders called “Issues” and assign bills to the “Healthcare” and “Taxes” folders to quickly see a list of bills that you’ve identified to be about those issues.

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