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Communicate on Legislative Issues with Your Audience

Write Staff Analysis

Capitol Impact’s Legislation Track system is a single seat Legislative Tracking System that enables users to track, organize, and communicate bills in a customized online environment.

The LegislationTrack system enables you to write and save staff analysis on each bill in the system. Using a simple text editor that works just like Word you can leave notes and attach additional information directly on the bills you are tracking. Now your analysis is saved in one place and easily referenced during the session.

Staff Analysis

Add People

LegislationTrack is designed to help you communicate legislative information with your audience. The system enables you to add people and give them access to your legislation using built in email and communication tools. You can add up to 25 people to the system and send them emails, enable them to read staff analysis, make comments on bills, and receive your legislative report.

When it comes to legislation communication is key. Do more with your legislative information with LegislationTrack by Capitol Impact.

Send Emails

Need to get feedback on bill from your people? Send them a single bill or a list of bills for their review through our Bill Email capability. Select any bill from the system and send it to anyone that is present in your People database. Draft the email using our text editor and send the emails directly from your system.

Each bill email you send to people in your database will automatically include a personalized link back to the bill detail page so that your recipients can read the bill, read your staff analysis, and leave comments on the bill for your review.

Comment Page

Get Comments

Add up to 25 people into your system and give them the ability to pass information back to you in the form of bill comments. Each person that receives a bill email will be able to read your staff analysis and click the Add/Update Your Comments tab to create and save their comments on the bill. Administrative users will be able to read comments on the bills and get vital feedback from their audience.

Create a Legislative Report

Dynamically create a publishable legislative report complete with hyperlinked bills, your tracking level assignments, and your staff analysis. Create custom section headings and assign bills to sections to automatically populate the report. You can email the report to the people in your database or publish the report as a PDF document that you can post on your website or print and hand out at your next meeting.

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